Understanding Métis CFS Governance

The Metis Child and Family Services Authority is proud to be an affiliate of the Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF), our Manitoba Métis Government. While the Province of Manitoba mandates our Authority to oversee agencies that provide child welfare services in the province, our governing body is the Manitoba Metis Federation.

The President of the MMF appoints a Minister and Associate Minister of Metis Child and Family Services. They form part of the Manitoba Métis Government who work with other governments such as our provincial and federal government on matters of importance to our Métis citizens.

Authority Board Chairperson Barbara Bruce, MMF President David Chartrand and Metis CFS Minister Mona Buors

The Minister, in consultation with MMF's seven regional offices and our Metis Government, appoints our Board of Directors, so that there is representation from all the regions of Manitoba. They also appoint Elder Advisors to the Board.

Barbara Bruce

Barb Lavallee

Ron Chartrand

Board Members

Rita Cullen

Marg Bagley

Cathy Fidierchuk

Elder Advisors

Reid Hartry

Mitch Bourbonniere

Ex-Officio Board Members

Mona Buors
Metis CFS Minister

JoAnne Remillard
Metis CFS Associate Minister

The Authority Board meets three to four times a year to be briefed upon and provide direction on matters of importance in child welfare and our Metis CFS System.

Our agencies are also governed by Boards of Directors appointed by MMF through our Metis Minister of Child and Family Services. The Authority Board and Agency Boards of Directors meet jointly a few times each year.

Each year, most often in September, our Authority and agencies each hold a public Annual General Meeting (AGM) to release our annual reports and audited financial statements. Under our governing system, at our agencies' AGMs, our Authority Board votes to decide whether or not they will accept any resolutions or motions made by the agencies as well as the annual report and financial statements. The Manitoba Metis Federation Board of Directors performs these same functions at the Authority's Annual General Meeting (AGM).

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