Our Vision

Strong and vibrant Métis and Inuit families with safe and healthy children.

Our Mission

Metis Child and Family Services Authority contributes to strong and healthy Métis and Inuit families and communities through culture, values and heritage supported through the wisdom of our Elders.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Ensure daily practice is guided by asking ourselves "Is It Good For The Children?"
  • Change the landscape and history of child welfare practices through recognizing the importance of reconciliation, culture and family.
  • Recognize the responsibility for decision-making stays with the family, extended family and community whenever possible.
  • Provide community-based supports to our agencies that mirror the needs of the children and families.
  • Recognize the importance of reflecting family values through our service delivery.
  • Apply the wisdom of Elders to guide our decisions and service practices that we know will impact future generations.
  • Respect and honor the diverse individuality of all people.
  • Support our agencies to build capacity within the original family unit to care for and provide a safe environment for their children.
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