$1.9 Million Pilot Project for At-Risk Families

October 17, 2019

Source: Manitoba Post

WINNIPEG - The Manitoba government has announced $1.9 million towards a new pilot project that will provide mental health and addictions services to families who are at risk of child apprehension.

The three year project partners the Manitoba government with the Metis Child and Family Services (CFS) Authority. A team, including a caseworker, a family mentor, and addictions and mental health workers, will provide support for families with parental substance use and child abuse or neglect problems. Families will be able to access services quickly, as well as referrals to various community resources. The program, known as Community Healing and Recovering Together (CHART), will also include connections to cultural programming.

The pilot program will provide services to approximately 60 families in Winnipeg and Dauphin. The program will run for three years, and will then be evaluated to determine if the program will continue after the pilot period.


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