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The Metis Child and Family Services Authority, located in Winnipeg, Manitoba is an incorporated entity responsible for administering and managing the delivery of child and family services for Métis and Inuit people in Manitoba. It is one of four Child and Family Services Authorities that operate within the province who are charged with ensuring that child and family services are available and accessible to their respective populations.

The primary mission of the Metis Child and Family Services Authority is to strengthen the Métis and Inuit child, family and community through the provision of relevant, accessible and meaningful services by our agencies. We have two Metis CFS agencies; Metis Child, Family and Community Services Agency and Michif Child and Family Services Agencies.

Media inquiries to our Authority and agencies should please be directed to our Authority.

Media Contact

George Kolomaya
Chief Communications Specialist
Metis Child and Family Services Authority
204-150 Henry Street
Winnipeg, MB R3B 0J7
Phone: 204-927-6487
Fax: 204-984-9487
Toll-Free: 1-855-779-1277

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