Tactical Communication

April 10, 2023 to April 11, 2023

The purpose of this training is to meet the safety needs of child & family service staff, this training will take into account safety strategies that can be utilized when in the field. Tools will be provided to place workers in a frame of mind that allows them to think tacitly regarding their safety before, during and post meeting with their clients.


Workshop Outline:

  • Communication Wheel
  • How to move the communication process in a positive direction leading to resolution
  • Deflection Phrases, Positive Statements
  • What stops the communication wheel
  • Signs of Potential resistance
  • Where to park when attending a home
  • Assessing the home when you are approaching
  • Worker safety in a home (how to position yourself in the home, what to look out for/pay attention to, locate exits)
  • Further safety practices

Upcoming Locations/Dates:

  • April 10th, (9:00am -4:00pm) Lunch is provided
  • Dauphin, Manitoba
  • In person
  • Location: TBA Lunch provided

Trainer: Constable Jessica Empey, Winnipeg Police Services

For Agency/Authority staff only

To Register: Deadline date March 10th, 2023 for registering. Please use the standard registration form and send it to training@metisauthority.com. Once your registration is received you will then be sent a security clearance form to complete security forms are to be emailed directly to knoble@metisauthority.com


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