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Current Priorities

For 2010 - 2015, the Metis Child and Family Services Authority Board of Directors have identified seven priorities. These include:

  1. Ensure critical child protection performance through consistent child welfare practice that protects children and strengthens families.
  2. Build service delivery capacity ensuring effective, respectful and culturally relevant services that successfully meet the specific needs of children and families.
  3. Foster sound governance inclusive of the heritage, culture, experience and knowledge of Metis and Inuit communities.
  4. Establish, strengthen and sustain diverse strategic partnerships and alliances.
  5. Drive comprehensive development, delivery and review of flexible, responsive services throughout the system.
  6. Develop a well-trained and supported workforce through building the learning and performance culture across the system
  7. Plan, develop and implement and monitor strong business processes and communications practices which support the vision and commitment.
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