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Billie Schibler

Billie Schibler is currently the Chief Executive Officer for Manitoba's Metis Child & Family Services Authority.

Previously, she served as the Children's Advocate of Manitoba, an Independent Officer reporting to the Manitoba Legislature. As the voice of children and youth in care of the child and family services system, she lobbied for the power to advocate for children outside the CFS system. She was also vocal on the need for the Children's Advocate to have its own legislation, independent from legislation governing the Family Services Department and its Minister.

During her time as Children's Advocate, her office created a number of ground-breaking reports:

  • A Special Case Review In Regard to the Death of Phoenix Sinclair - September 2006
  • Honouring Their Spirits: A Review Into Child Deaths: A Report To the Minister of Family Services and Housing, Province of Manitoba - September 2006
  • Strengthen The Commitment: An External Review of the Child Welfare System - September 2006 (Jointly with the Manitoba Ombudsman)
  • Strengthening Our Youth: Their Journey To Competence and Independence - November 2006 (A report on youth leaving Manitoba's child welfare system)

Feeling that broader investigation into the lives of children who died too young was imperative, she was proud to have the Children's Advocate's mandate expanded in 2008 to review child deaths in Manitoba. This change allowed her the opportunity to make recommendations to government based on her findings.

Billie Schibler, also known as Purple Harvest Woman, is a traditional Indigenous woman, mother and grandmother. She is one of the founding members of Manitoba's Kookum Gaa Na Da Maa Waad Abinoojiiak (Grandmothers Protecting Our Children) Council. She is a member of the World Council of Elders, a member of the Grandmothers Circle the Earth Council, and has met with and supported the development of Grandmother Councils around the world.

Billie is a Pipe Carrier and Ceremony Keeper. For more than 20 years, she has been a Sun Dancer in Canada and Internationally. She has conducted ceremonies internationally for the universal healing of Mother Earth and her waters. She works specifically from the teachings of acknowledging how all of our actions affect up to the next 7 generations.

Billie has worked in the helping profession for over 25 years in the areas of Addictions, Child Protection, Children's Rights, Children's Mental Health, and Healing. She is a member of the Child Welfare League of Canada and the National Advisory Council of Elders for NWMO (Nuclear Waste Management Organization).

Billie believes in "working from the spirit" and building capacity within the individual, the family, the community, and within organizations by inspiring all to work from a strength-based philosophy.

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